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Hi kids.  Try to write a fable as well as Aesop wrote his.  Do you know who Aesop was?

What is a fable? The “American Heritage Dictionary” defines “fable” as, “A usually short narrative making an edifying or cautionary point and often employing as characters animals that speak and act as human beings.” At all types of allegorical and fictitious people and animals may be used to tell a fable. If you write a fable, you may submit it to to be considered for publication. Please use style and characterizations that you understand. If published, your fable will include your by-line with your first name, age, and home town. Your fable will remain your property. Kids are invited to submit fables for consideration. is where creative kids may have their fables published.

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Rules To Learn Before Submitting Your Fable

Hi Kids! If you want your fables published on KidsFables, please insert spaces between sentences, start sentences with capital letters, and divide your fable into paragraphs. You may choose to text on your mobile device using bad grammar, but you may not write fables for KidsFables using that style. Responsible teachers and parents will discourage such errors.

Kids, please click here to learn the rules.


You can use the search function on the KidsFables’ menu to find a fable written by you or a friend. You can search for fables on any subject. You can search for fables with any animals or characters. You can search for a fable written by someone you know or someone from any country. Please enter a word or two from the title, your name, an author’s name, or any location.

Teachers, Please…

Please limit the number of fables submitted by your class to eight. Responsible teachers run contests to select the best fables; others set up collaborative teams to write fables that are then submitted with each team member’s name. Writing fables as a classroom contest or classroom collaboration will teach cooperation & teamwork while keeping it fair for all kids everywhere. Only in this way may every child have an opportunity to get published on

Please be sure to check out the tips for writing a good fable that will likely get published. It is important to use paragraph breaks appropriately to make your fable understood by readers. Teachers who work with students to ensure the development of a cooperative spirit can help their students carry this concept through their lives. Writing fables in small groups can be a part of these lessons. Trying to publish more than their class’ fair share is unfair to other classes and demonstrates poor judgment on the part of the teacher.

About Fables That Kids Write & Submit

Fables submitted will be reviewed for suitability of language and content. If accepted for publication, fables and stories remain the property of the author and receive a by-line. We sometimes receive fables that are incomplete, contain incorrect grammar and syntax errors, and make little sense.

Kids can learn and improve their writing by working with parents and teachers to bring their fables to high standards. Please click here for tips on writing a good fable. Kids may submit rough drafts and our staff teachers will be happy to review them for publication.

In submitting your fable to, you agree to hold and all those affiliated with harmless.

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